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Glory to our Ukrainian heroes! Jewish Proboyovyy Kurin'

Jewish proboyovyy kuren is an independent operational military unit of the first Ukrainian Galician army corps. It wasformed during Chortkivoffensive with TernopilJewish policein June 1919. The commander waslieutenant Solomon Lyaynberg .

The kurin complement:

4 riffle (counting 200-220 soldiers) and one rapid-fire (counting 8 machine-guns) sotnias (Cossack squadrons)

3 companies – cavalry, combat and intercommunication companies.

The place of dislocation and training was Ostapye village (today it is Pidvolochysk district Ternopil region). From June 14 Jewish proboyovyy kuren took part in military operations with Polish troops on the line of the villages Maksymivka– Romanoveselo –Zherebky– Kolodiyivka, and covered the retreat of the first army corps across Zbruch in Skalata, Hrymaylova and Husyatynregion.

It was marked in the battle with Moscow Bolshevik troops near cities Proskuriv (today it is Khmelnytskyi), Vinnytsya, Fastiv, Berdychiv.

Kurin lost two thirds of the personnel staff because of the military operations and typhus and dysentery epidemics. Commanding party disbanded it and survivors were removed to other military units.

The part of people got to Odesa , where with the members of local Jewish detachment of armed workers emigrated to Palestyna. Someone has left on the Soviet Ukraine territory and someone, among which was Solomon Lyaynberg, returned to Galicia, which by that time became the part of Poland. He was tortured to death in local prison (according to other facts he was tortured in the Ukrainian Galician army prison camp) in Ternopil 1920.

The central command of pan-Ukrainian organization “Tryzub” named after Stepan Bandera, addresses to Ukrainians to take the initiative of honouring lost soldiers of Jewish proboyovyy kurenin the struggle for Ukrainian independence by carrying out in Ukrainian churches requiem and putting the monumentin honour to lost Jewish soldiers and their legendary Commander – lieutenant Solomon Lyaynberg .

We are asking world Jewish society to support this initiative of Ukrainian nationalistic community.

The leader of pan-Ukrainian organization “Tryzub” named after Stepan Bandera Dmytro Yarosh

The head of the central command of pan-Ukrainian organization “Tryzub” named after Stepan Bandera Andriy Stempits’kyi


(1883 – 1973)

Науково-ідеологічний центр імені Дмитра Донцова
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