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Твори Дмитра Донцова

Д.Донцов: постать та інтерпретації

Традиція Вісниківства

Ідея націоналізму: основи та філософія

Український націоналістичний рух: історія та історіософія

Націоналізм у світі

Актуальні проблеми націоналізму: націоцентрична аналітика

Християнство і націоналізм

Меч духовний: полеміка

Мовами світу

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Мовами світу


Temat konfliktów polsko-ukraińskich w przeszłości pozostaje istotnym i służy jako bariera dla zasad dobrosąsiedzkich pomiędzy naszymi narodami. Właśnie narodami, a nie państwami, ponieważ Ukraińcy jeszcze nie uzyskali pełnej niepodległości państwa narodowego, a Polacy, kuszeni przez przynętą integracji euroatlantyckiej, stopniowo tracą swoją suwerenność — zarówno duchową i polityczną. W szczególności, do Sejmu niedawno był zaproponowany projekt ustawy, który proponuje, aby uznać OUN-UPA jako „organizacje przestępcze”, zaangażowane w „ludobójstwie” Polaków z „kresów wschodnich” (Ukraina Zachodnia, która w okresie międzywojennym była pod okupacją polską).

Glory to our Ukrainian heroes! Jewish Proboyovyy Kurin'

The central command of pan-Ukrainian organization “Tryzub” named after Stepan Bandera, addresses to Ukrainians to take the initiative of honouring lost soldiers of Jewish proboyovyy kurenin the struggle for Ukrainian independence by carrying out in Ukrainian churches requiem and putting the monumentin honour to lost Jewish soldiers and their legendary Commander – lieutenant Solomon Lyaynberg.

Criteria of artistic value: actualization of the basic concept


The article discloses the basic of the literary analyses concept of criteria of art. Techne, ejdology and teleology are the basic criteria of art.

Christology and Pseudochristology: national existential differentiation


The interdisciplinary problems which combine the literary methodologies and theological ideas within the social meta-discourse, are extremely important and urgent at the present stage of the Ukrainian post-imperial scientific development devoted to the spirit.

Poet and Being: Specific features of R.-M. Rilke’s ontological discourse


Rainer-Maria Rilke is rightly considered an anagogic writer. Indeed, his works are significant not only for the German-speaking world, but for all those who in the infinity of artistic universe seeks answers to the eternal questions trying to apprehend themselves, their time, their nation and the prospects of its development. As the French thinker Gabriel Marcel has written: “Rilke’s … foundations look grand, they are hard to be perceived by the eye, and the significance of his works surpasses any limits previously set for him”

“Orchard” and “sabre”: two ontological existential types of the artistic world in T. Shevchenko’s poetry


Interpretation of Taras Shevchenko’s poetry, as well as any other artist’s works is impossible without taking into account one of the fundamental notions of literary criticism, that of the artistic world or the world of a literary world. However this notion, having become natural a priori, very often is deprived of the possibility of further terminological development and loses its categorical accuracy and definitive concreteness.

Knight of Christ and of the Old Good England: The Letters of John Tolkien


In the month of September this year one date “blinked”. Twenty-five years ago the famous English writer and scientist John Ronald Reuel Tolkien (1892-1973)

De nihilo nihil: Views on postmodernism and literature


Yu.Andruhovych, S.Zhadan, I.Karpa, L.Deresh and dozens of others less promoted literary names of modern Ukraine testify by their creative activity the phenomenon of postmodernism. Whether you want it or not, it requires from the cognitive consciousness not only a new explanation but at least the generalization of the interpreted facts. Moreover, even F.Nietztshe warned that the power of a single man and the power of the entire nation depends on their aesthetic ideals they follow.

Two ideologies in the period of globalization: cultural imperialism and cultural nationalism


The interpretation of complex phenomena of modern hermeneutic empirical reality is not an easy task, it is complicated, without taken into consideration other moments, by the absence of time border which prevents from natural to scientific or philosophical thinking abstraction from the object of investigation. However, there several ways out here too. One of them is the usage of surrounding life world of epistemological criteria which have been tested by time and proved their own non-controversy as well as efficiency in the assessment of phenomena and patterns.

(1883 – 1973)

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